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Selection of Instructor candidates to attend Artillery Instructor Certification Course:


The process for selecting candidates for the Artillery Instructor Certification Course is detailed under Application Screening Board, above.


In order to qualify for recommendation to the Application Screening Board, an Instructor Candidates’ primary reenacting venue shall be artillery. The candidate shall be recommended in writing by two certified instructors after consultation with the candidate’s battery commander. The Application Screening Board will accept recommendations only for the currently scheduled Artillery Instructor Certification Course.   If, for any reason, the candidate does not attend the Course for which he was nominated and selected, a new nomination shall be made before the candidate can be reconsidered.   Battery Commanders are encouraged to write a letter to the Application Screening Board regarding candidates who are nominated from their battery.


Candidates selected for the Artillery Instructor Certification Course will be notified in writing by the Adjutant sixty days prior to the date of the scheduled course.  The candidate’s Battery Commander will also be notified in writing of the selection of a member of his battery.  Candidates accepting their selection shall notify the Board, through the Adjutant, of their acceptance in writing at least thirty days prior to the date of the course.


Safety Officer



Safety Officers will be appointed by the Chapter Safety Officer.  All Safety Officers must be certified Instructors.

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