Loyal Train of Artillery Association



Liability Release Form




I, _____________________________________________ take full responsibility for

                        (Name of Gun Owner)

the safe operation of my Gun and Crew.


Cannoneers #1 and #2 while working the front of said Gun will wear a coat of 100% wool fabric. No exceptions allowed.

Cannoneers #1 and #2 while working the front of said Gun will wear leather gloves of welding type with long cuffs.  No exceptions allowed.

Ammunition for Gun:

Will be made with Black Powder only. No exceptions allowed.

Packing will be of aluminum foil at least four (4) layers thick.

Gun will not be fired with anyone (Infantry, Cavalry etc.) within 50 yards of front of the Guns muzzle.

The three (3) minute rule will be used while in the field while practicing or firing the Gun.  Three minutes must elapse between firing and reloading of the next round.

I, the above named herein; take full responsibility for my Gun and Crew.  I also take full responsibility for any action harming or causing bodily injury caused by not following the above rules.



As Gun Owner, I do understand these rules of safety and will comply.


Signed ___________________________________Date ___________


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